The Executive Producer came to me requesting that I help cut a proof of concept video for a show idea she was pitching to a network. 
Project Challenge: The source footage came from zoom recordings, smartphones and social media accounts. All of the footage was shot by the participants themselves who are not media professionals. The footage from the zoom recording was shot vertically leaving much dead space on the sides and footage from social media accounts was often square and small. I needed to create a cohesive look to unify all of the footage. I also wanted to elevate the footage to a professional level and obscure the fact that the footage was from zoom.
Solution: My creative and technical solution to resolve the project challenges was to create elements that the footage could rest in. I masked the interviews recorded on Zoom and placed the footage inside of smartphone pngs. I created a white frame/picture border element to contain the social media videos/pictures. I created this second look to have more diversity between the cuts. ANIMATION was used in this project as well. I animated the spinning release of the zodiac signs and well as the movements of the smart phone element. I creatively used high definition stock footage in the background to fill out the remainder of the frame. 
My strengths in this project: The director and producer did not know how they could elevate the raw footage. I came up with the entire look of this piece - the use of the smartphone, picture frame, stock footage, transitions and animated intros.
To learn more about The Zodiac Games check out their instagram.
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